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  • Do you want to capture, contact, and convert your prospects into opportunities up to 40% to grow your business?
  • Do you want to capture, contact, and convert your prospects into customers up to 40%?
  • Do you want to capture, contact, and convert your prospects into more revenue up to 40%?

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Your search ends here, MLeads is a cloud technology (SaaS) based innovative mobile platform for Lead management that you can access anytime anywhere on any devices.

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Key Features of MLeads

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Purchase leads can be extremely valuable when it comes to growing your business. By gathering buyer information, you may design a personalised targeting strategy to reach your target audience more efficiently.

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Quick captures and organizes leads by events or Groups using any lead retrieval methods like speak, scan business card, scan badge, scan QR Code, bump leads, quick note lead, quick record lead or type.

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Capabilities on lead's background on different platform like Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Google and Website.

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Export your leads to excel, Hubspot, Salesforce, Aweber. User can Import your Leads from different source system from excel file, Gmail, Salesforce, Hubspot, Yahoo, Aweber, etc.

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Send bulk personalized email follow-ups using predefined email message templates in seconds, set drip email schedule, tasks and meetings and more.

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User have capability to take instant follow up action using call, Message, emails, meeting, tasks and much more.

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Increase ROI, ROO, and visibility into productivity across team, pipeline report, statistical reports, salescycle report and product interest by percentage. Increase the chances of sales by looking at graphical representation of Sales Opportunity and Email Statistics.

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You can add tasks and meetings for leads and team members. User can see their pending tasks and meetings on the dashboard. With Google calendar sync feature users can sync their tasks and meetings in Google calendar to never miss out on prospects.

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MLeads allows business owners and CEOs to manage their team for mobility and more productivity.

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