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Leads Group

Lead Capture

Lead Research

Lead Actions


Step 1 - Create Event Or Leads Group

Lead generation refers to the capturing of business prospects or contacts interest toward purchasing products or services. These sales leads are captured through various sources, including campaigns, exhibitions, tradeshows, referrals, phone calls and branding.

User can Create and track Leads by Event Or Lead Group

Step 2 - Lead Capture

Quick capture and organize leads by events or Groups using any lead retrieval methods

    • Scan Business Card
    •  Scan the Badge
    •  Speak Lead
    •  Scan QR Code
    •  Bump Lead
    •  Quick Record
    •  Quick Note
    •  Type Lead

    Step 3 - Lead Research

    MLeads provide unique and powerful Lead Research feature. User can search information about the Leads on.




    Google Search



    Step 4 - Lead Follow up Actions

    Instant bulk personalized email follow-ups using predefined email message templates in seconds, set drip email schedule, tasks and meetings and more.

    Step 5 - Statistical reports and team management

    Run statistical reports

    Increase ROI


    Visibility into productivity across team

    Pipeline and statistical reports at your fingertips

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