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Comprehensive platform for Leads and Event Management to help you grow the opportunities and business, The MLeads Way!

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    Never Lose
    a Lead Again..

    MLeads is a one-stop solution
    For Companies
    For Sales and Marketing Teams
    For Event Organizers
    Manage your Leads and Events
    Anywhere anytime on any device

    MLeads platform empowers small businesses to have the same tools that big businesses have at much lower cost

    Prospects to profits,
    The MLeads Way!


    Welcome to MLeads

    Enter the information about the
    event you are going to attend
    to track your leads.

    Capture Lead information during or after the event using MLeads. MLeads offers 8 quick ways to capture Leads.

    Enter the information
    about the Lead group to
    track your Leads.

    Create predefined follow-up email
    template, with message text
    representing different products or
    services your business offers.

    Review statistical reports across your team. Export the leads data into .csv format to later import into your existing external system.


    MLeads- A way to smart Event Management

    Setup & Modify Registration
    Click the event you like to attend and hit
    the registration.

    Manage Tickets
    Ticket generation through free, paid, donation,
    discount mode.

    Manage Services
    Service usability via free and paid modes
    for value added services.

    Manage Session
    Customized session management with free and
    paid payment modes.

    Advance Options
    Customize Email template, Manage promo code,
    Be-social feature, Customize Badge categories,
    Import prospective attendees.

    Event Help
    Managing Walk-In registration, Print Badges, view &
    export registered attendees and review collection.

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    For Companies Sales Marketing team
    Visibility across team productivity and efficiency

    Instant follow-ups and quick lead research
    Access your Leads anywhere on any device
    Presales and marketing automation
    Lead retrieval is easy

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    For Event Organizers

    Are you missing a great productive tool to put in the hands of your event attendees to enhance the networking experience and achieve higher ROI on the time and money to attend your events?

    Manage Event


    Pre Event

    Attendees receive
    conformation with
    user name and
    password for MLeads

    Print Badges
    with QR code


    Post event

    Scan the Badge

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    No need to rent
    badge scanning devices


    Scan the Business Card
    in 3 Easy steps

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    2nd Annual Market New York Expo

    The Sales & marketing event for small business

    May 21st 2015 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

    Click here to register and become an MLeads Privileged customer.
    Please stop by at booth #303 for live demo and to get 30 day free trial

    • Latest version of the MLeads platform is released on Apple and Google app stores,  so upgrade. 
    • New and exciting ways have been added to capture leads. (Scan the badge, Speak technologies) so try them out!
    • Perform team management right from your mobile in our new version! So upgrade to test drive.

    MLeads Streamlines LEAD Management for Companies




    Track Lead by Event
    or Group


    Measure Stats

    Team Management

    MLeads provides A Simple Process for Event Managers!




    Attendees receive
    confirmation with user
    name and password for

    Print Badges
    QR Code

    Measure Stats

    Post Event

    Manage LEADS and EVENTS No Other Platform Can Match!

    Are you an Event organizer who organizes conferences, events for your industry or members?

    Do you want to manage and have access to all your attendees’ information by event at your fingertips before, during or after the event?

    Are you missing a great productive tool to put in the hands of your event attendees? One that enhances networking experience and ability to achieve a higher ROI?

    MLeads will make you efficient, give higher ROI to your attendees and make your attendees productive while at EVENTS.

    Ready to give MLeads a test drive? Try it for Free

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