1. Create a video about the product

65% of people are visuals. So why not talk about what you offer, convenient for most of the way? A quality video that favorably represents the product can generate up to 33% of new leads. The main thing is that it should not be long and complicated. Remember that your main goal is to engage users and inspire them to take action. You can create a good informative video of 1 to 3 minutes and promote that video on every social platform possible.

2. Give people less choice 

Follow Hick’s law: less choice> less confusion> more customers. Do not confuse people: limit yourself to one call to action.

I have seen that people get confused and bounce off if there is too much action required. People only care for what they want. Give people less choice, only use one call to action.

3. Allow the user to download their favorite article in exchange for email

 A site has created a list of SEO directories with attendance of over 800 users per month. However, visitors did not become customers. After the site added the ability to download material in PDF format in exchange for an email address, the post began to collect 5 leads per day. Now over 200 people have been signed up for the newsletter.

4. Optimize the page “About the company”

 No matter how you call this page – “About Company” or “Team”, it is very important for business. Here, people will find out who you are and what you do. Place a call to action on the page.Renowned marketer Jen Havice wrote an article on how to generate leads on the About page. She suggests including a value statement in the heading and splitting the page into parts accompanied by the corresponding subtitles. Each unit must be valuable to the customer and keep his attention.

So now you probably have a lot of leads..ok! then what? The next step is to manage the leads, you don’t want to miss out on the leads you generated from hard work, right?

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