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1. Attention
Attention is neither more nor less than arousing curiosity. In everyday life, people receive many stimuli, but we usually respond to those that are related to our own activity. In short, attention is given to what is related to us.

Everything that affects our “I” is the object of attention.

“You can get a bigger benefit if …”, “This is all you did not know about …”, or, “That’s how you can sell more without effort …”, draw attention among the stacks of e-mails that one receives. In the case of emails, of course, the attraction must be generated from the subject.

2. Interest
What we seek to capture attention is to generate interest. In short, interest is a form of unfulfilled curiosity, which must be continued.

Interest must be awakened with an offer. In this second stage, the interest must go directly to the product and the services we provide.

3. I wish
Let us suppose that the advertiser has captured the attention of the consumer and has maintained it. Now, the ad must create the wish. The story must be relevant so that the product is irresistible.

Desire is built by selling the characteristics of a product, showing its superiority over similar products and demonstrating versatility.

Basically, this is the presentation of the value proposition of a product or service: the benefits that induce a consumer to select this particular offer, which leads to the decision to buy.

This part of the AIDA model is sometimes called a decision. It is that, once the desire has been created, the decision is almost taken.

4. Action
The action is specified in the acquisition of the offered good or service. The message must lead to action. This is where we place the call to action, which in general is located as a link at the end of the mail.
Now you can sell by Email as an expert.
Indulge all 4 points and take action accordingly.

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