Best practices for event planning on a budget | MLeads

We all grasp that planning events will be a Difficult. Event specialists may be costly, and often, they can’t create what precisely you have got in mind for your event. Therefore why not improve your own event management skills? To try and do this, you need a PC, plenty of Red Bull, and also the new MLeads Mobile App.

There are several resources on the market to start the event planning. I recommend Microsoft excel, which might facilitate in making lists, counting, and sending mass emails to guests or others concerned in your event planning method. Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe illustrator will facilitate to make graphics or the other quite visuals/imagery for the event. This can be crucial in advertising. Yet, the foremost vital quality in your event planning is MLeads.   MLeads is a comprehensive platform for Leads and Event Management to assist you in growing opportunities and business. This step is crucial in event planning. Typically, events are accustomed network, whether it’s a product, person, new service, or something else. What’s a productive event if not getting the potential clients and contacts? MLeads allows any user to simply capture information on attendees(Quick Captures Lead Retrieval Methods). The app offers 10 ways in which in which you’ll capture information including speaking, scanning cards, one-click analysis, tracking, scanning a QR code, and much more.

If I’m putting money into an event, I would like to check results. I’m looking for ways that in which I will meet new people, and incur a lot of business. MLeads can make you economical, offer your attendees a better ROI and build your events a lot more productive. 

Event Management key features:

1.Manage events

Set up the online event, manage event registration, tickets, sessions, services and send the invitation to your attendees.

2. Real-time event streaming app

Keep eyes on the event, real time updates, live announcements, event collection and much more.

3. Run statistical reports

Pipeline and other ROI reports at your fingertips, collection reports.

4. Wi-Fi independent

Capture information in an offline mode and later synchronize back to the cloud platform.

5. App for attendees

No need to carry a physical copy of tickets, the attendee can view event agendas, session, sponsors list. Connect with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn gets the latest update on the event, be social – interactive chats messaging attendees.

6. App for event organizer

Create the task, import export leads, send a reminder email to attendees, upload event agendas, event sponsors, badge entry check at an entry point for attendees, design and print QR badges, transfer event leads, ability to see the place nearby, take the survey.

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