Everyone is very familiar with the MLeads app by now. But, are you familiar with its affiliates, Tri-Force and Myshalewell? These two other additions are beneficial & enhances the MLeads app even more so. So what is MyShalewell you may ask?.

Myshalewell is a platform that provides information for companies in the Shell Gas Industry interested in opening their own well. Myshalewell brings all problems and solutions to the forefront and provides environmental monitoring data. Myshalewell is geared towards different prospects in the Gas Industry such as land owners, energy producers, suppliers, workers, and also the community. Myshalewell is about keeping all its players informed.

Now, what about Tri-force?. Triforce builds different solutions. Triforce is all about building software systems for clients, using knowledge management to make them productive.

So, as you see, there is not just MLeads. MLeads is just the home basis for these two other platforms that go hand in hand with each other. Mleads is truly a #1 best supporting app.