Extending Event Leads into Real Results | MLeads

Lead management is a process that captures, respond and manage your incoming leads in an effective way. Are you expecting to achieve realistic results from the lead data generated from the event or trade shows, through your sales workforce, through your personal contacts?

As being an event organizer or as being a sales and a marketing person you always want to generate, capture and nurture the leads. With MLeads you can retrieve the information by scanning badges of attendees of an event, trade show. You can save discussions views of your prospect in audio mode and this conversational record helps in analysis and in gathering important insights. You can scan business card of walk-in users and then map that data for lead retrieval and you don’t need to go for badge scanning devices , here you will get that inbuilt functionality. With Bump leads in MLeads you can transfer lead information quickly from one device to another device.

In order to prevent your leads that are not ready to engage and sale, prevent it falling into a black hole by lead categorization based on the status (cold, target, qualified, contacted, not contacted, contact in future) with MLeads, which acts as an insightful data for pitching the prospect. It is fact that not all leads are sales ready leads, MLeads app also let you to notify important information related to your conversation with your lead.

Most of the marketers don’t define lead management practices clearly in their business. So, until you don’t have your lead management process in place, there is a risk of having poor relationship with your prospects and thus, the conversion rate will also decrease. With MLeads we have tried to enrich your experience of managing leads.