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 How MLeads helps in organizing events and identifying  painpoint

Organizing an event requires a lot of effort and other resources. You have to take good care of your attendees, sponsors as well as the speakers. When you have an event, you can add that detail into the MLeads platform. The important details like location, late and the event date can be recorded this way. Now all reports and other activities will come under this event entry.

Once you have the event in place, you have to invite attendees as per the event. This can be easily done through MLeads. In addition to sending e-mail invites, you can send reminders too. There can be bulk mails or they can be customized as per your requirement. You may set an e-mail template and have all your e-mails on the same template. This way you get uniformity and you get professional looking e-mails too. Such an organized follow-up ensures that no attendees are missed out.

You can save on resources by having registrations done online. Even the payment can be taken online.

A major pain point during any event is the walk-ins. It can get so difficult and time consuming to register them, make their badges as well as take payment and allow them entry, all at the same time while the event has just started off or is already in progress.

With MLeads, you provide a lot of value add services to your sponsors. You can send across information about their products and services before or during an event. In addition, you can send your attendees pre-surveys and post-surveys through MLeads. This way you are able to connect well with your attendees while promoting your sponsors too. Also, you can get a lot of your marketing paraphernalia made with the help of MLeads. You can design marketing collaterals such as flyers this way. This platform allows you to personalize all this stuff and make it appear much more professional.

With MLeads from Mobile Leads LLC, you can print badges with QR code. This way you are being focused on networking. You are able to retain important data that you can use post the event. With MLeads, you can even scan badges during entry to an event. This way you save time and effort. Such comprehensive database ensures that you can analyse and have proper statistics at the end of your event. Now you can share this with your sponsors and help them to know their ROI on each event. This will also help while planning and organizing any further such events.

Event organizing is a skill. It requires the investment of time, effort and money. This is when a platform such as MLeads from Mobile Leads LLC can be really handy. In addition to making things easier, it also helps in storing and organizing information. Thus any details about the leads would be captured and organized accordingly. This means that no details of any leads would be lost. Typically this is something that can be really a pain area. After all the investment in organizing an event, if any lead data is lost, then the whole purpose of organizing that event is gone.

With MLeads, it is possible to connect with the registered attendees directly. Typically any kind of hand-written survey forms tend to get thrown away or discarded. This can be a real loss. But with pre-surveys and post surveys going through MLeads, you can be assured of less wastage. Also, it takes away the effort of distributing surveys and then collecting and collating them as it will all be done electronically now.