Energize your event promotion with actively updated social media data

Event marketing and social media marketing is an integrated combination of whipped cream with fruit salad which emerges as a complete yummy dessert. Social media have changed the way of thinking of reaching out to the audience. Evolution of social media platforms  has opened the door for meeting professionals to broaden the scope of their events and engage with customers in a variety of interesting and effective ways listed as below:

1)      Maintain your social media profile and event page on social media platforms

Keep your social media profile updated with fresh content related to promoting your upcoming event as a participant or as a host ,promote pre-event an post-event updates, seminar videos on social media profile and on communities and group related to your event. You can post speaker information and event sponsors which keep your audience updated with the latest updates of your event.

Do not forget to appreciate the presence of the attendees by saying “thank you” on social media for making your event more successful and memorable and also go with content curation related to your interest area only promotional messages can lose interest of the intended people an current followers an page likers.

2)      Strategize your Social media activities

You can auto schedule thank you message for your new followers  with online tools, one popular tool for this is TwitterDmer. While posting look for the peak posting hours where your posts can be highly seen and liked for example to promote tour small business as being a startup Linkedin is the great platform to connect with the more prospective clients, Twitter is the best place for quick reach of your tweets using targeted hash tags.

3)      Manage your social content calendar

Days and timing play a crucial role for social media postings . what, when and on which channels  it should be posted is the most important for instant traffic is high on twitter specially during evening on midweek and weekend, traffic on facebook is high during afternoon on Saturday, while posting on Linkedin you can utilize business hours during weekdays for having heavy traffic, on google plus it is good to post on weekdays during late morning.

4)      Promote Visual content of the  event you attended

 Promote the videos of your seminar in particular event which you attended, post videos showing experience of attendees, Promote videos showing jist of the past event, Videos showing speech of great speakers which will enhance Brand image and visibility for particular event.

5)      Get media exposure

Get your self acquainted with which news channels, magazine editors are going to cover particular event an you can share updates related to pre-event and post-event using hash tags of that particular news channel an you can tweet using twitter handle of the particular trade shows event magazine editors who are going to attend. You can create hash tags for the upcoming event and propagate your content using that hash tag and keep your audience updated using targeted hash tag.

6)      Content curation using hash tags related to your industry

While sharing any post on twitter, facebook,google plus propagate that post using related hash tag so that your post will have more targeted reach by the people of the same interest group related to your post and you will be able to connect with the people of your industry itself.