MLeads Introduces New Features | MLeads

We are continuously updating and adding a new feature in the MLeads platform so the user can get the maximum benefit of MLeads.

Big news! We’re excited to announce that MLeads has introduced new features in Cloud Platform such as :

  1. Graphical representation
  2. Sync Tasks and meetings with Google Calendar
  3. Stop drip mail by Lead Group/Event
  4. Tasks and Meetings on Dashboard
  1. Graphical Representation

With the new update, users can now see graphs for sales opportunity and email statistics right on the dashboard and take action for the prospects accordingly.

SalesView Post Opportunity Bubble Chart:                                                   

Email Statistic Graph:

2.Sync Tasks and Meetings with Google calendar

With MLeads powerful new feature you can Sync your tasks to Google calendar and never miss out on important aspects for your business.

Steps to sync tasks:

First, go to MLeads>Tasks/ meetings and then you will see sync on/off button as shown in the picture below.

Lead Task

Click on sync on/off button and tasks/meetings will be synced to your Google account.

You can see tasks/meeting in your calendar as shown below

3. Stopping Drip Mail by Lead group/ Event

Now you can stop the drip mail campaign which is not working for your business by Lead Group/ Event and subject.

Stop Drip Mail here

Refer Image below:

4. Tasks and Meetings on Dashboard

Now you will be able to see tasks and meetings right on the dashboard.

Go to the dashboard now

Go Forward with the power of MLeads and turn prospects to profit.

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