How Good is Your Customer Service (1)

MLeads provides a single lead management platform for event organizer, sales and marketing professionals, owners of SMEs as an end to end user.

If you are event organizer then with MLeads you can do online event registration, invite prospective attendees, upload sponsors  and event agenda etc, manage session wise registration, handling speaker information, sending customized email templates, setting custom registration fields. You can retrieve the lead by Scanning the badge with QR code, scanning business card, speak, bump, quick record, quick note.

As a marketing people MLeads supports you in nurturing the leads. As being a marketer you have to struggle to produce the content which is needed to nurture the leads. Most marketers today use spreadsheets, email, and docs as an informative document for lead generation and lead conversion. With MLeads you can import and export data from (Salesforce, Excel, AWeber, Phone, Gmail or Yahoo) any source system to any destination system. With MLeads mobile app you can follow up your lead through call, sms or email. As being a cost effective organization, while using MLeads you can track how much it costs while converting a lead in to prospect through reports like sales report, pipeline sales report, converted lead to customer, clicks for sponsor logos, and leads by attendees

For instance, as being a sales representative every lead went directly to a sales rep, and when the sales team was unable to keep up with the volume, they’d move on, leaving many leads untouched. So, here the concept of lead prioritization comes in to the picture. With MLeads you can prioritize your leads by setting status like qualified, not qualified, target lead, cold lead etc.