Prep Your Company for the Summertime Slowness | MLeads

Summer is tough. Everyone is enjoying the weather, taking vacations, saving money for those weekend trips to the shore. Business definately takes a turn when the heat comes. This summer, prepare for the summer!

Make sure you are internet friendly. With all of the traveling, it is easy to lose track of important things. Make sure that wherever you are going, you have access to the Internet so that you can continue running your business even while away. In turn, make sure that your business has a strong online platform. This will allow travelers to access information and updates about your product from their computer, wherever they are.

Prepare your team. The amount of business you receive, depending on your company, is probably going to slow. Do not treat your company any differently than you normally would. Do not send everyone home, keeping two employees or less on a project. There is always room for improvement, so even if your normal projects aren’t ongoing in the summer, take advantage of the time you are given to get other projects done, such as improving marketing efforts.

Stay interactive! We cannot stress this enough. If you treat summer like a 3-month vacation, expect your profits to reflect a 3-month vacation. Be sure to keep in touch with current contacts, and spend ample time trying to find new clients. This is a great time to take advantage of social media. Retweet, share posts, and do Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest contests to keep users involved. After all, we don’t want customers forgetting who you are! Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Have fun! No, not on vacation! Have fun with your customers. Summer is a time to experiment. Try new things, get new feedback. MLeads just updated their app and internet platform to a new and improved 9.4, and the new features are getting some great responses. Try something new!

Best of luck. Remember your sunscreen, and our few tips on surviving the summer slump!

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