Many of you may know what is social CRM??- nowadays it is trending tool especially for lead tracking. By integrating socialization feature in any CRM Platform helps in recording voice of the customers. Event organizers gather information from online conversations, share this information internally, and then they act on it.

Social CRM can be used for the internal and external communication in order to make clear  about product to the business proposition and in order to follow customers. Any event which has been organized, attendees can further discusses their views, doubt related to an event in a closed social group inbuilt in CRM. Same way MLeads is facilitated by feature of BSocial which helps attendees in interacting with other attendees of an event   and which in turn helps event organizer to go through variety of views which actsas an informative data for sales person during lead pitching and it helps sales person in identifying identify prospective lead. It allows attendees to grow their network with persons who share same product interest by being in touch with them through BSocial.

You are making the job of your sales and marketing team easier through the use of Social CRM. Social CRM helps in developing relationship with customers based on their views which in turn   helps sales person to pitch product to the right customer instead of approaching disinterested customer directly. Whichever situation you are in, social CRM can help your business adapt, grow, and generate a quicker return on investment. This type of engagement means you can develop better connections, provide better customer service and increase the revenue of your business.