The Hardest Part About Being in Sales | MLeads

Sales is a tricky business to be in. No one likes to be solicited or bothered or asked many questions. But in reality, that’s a big part of the process. Sales is complicated, and without a well-trained team, this could really hurt your business.

But what’s the hardest part of the sales process? The closing! Closing a deal can be challenging and often times, frustrating for you and your team.

Why? People often have the preconceived notion of “I don’t need it”. They convince themselves that they don’t have the money or the time to get into something new. It’s your job to convince them otherwise.

Often times, a customer can be interested in your product, show that interest during conversation, and then still not close a deal with you. Naturally, many consumers  look for reasons not to buy products for one reason or another.

So how can you improve your skills when closing the sale? According to Shawn of,”Whenever a prospect gives a buying signal — things such as questions on how to acquire, or colors, or cost, or delivery, or features they would use, … — that is the time to close. It should be nothing more than a natural progression of the conversation.”

Be personal and conversational. Don’t forget that this is the time where decisions can be swayed. Avoid being pushy and forceful, even if you are anxious to make a deal, this will only annoy the prospect.

If you’ve used all your training and tried your best to make the sale and are still unable to close on a deal, do your best to not take it personally. Ask yourself what could have gone better. What questions should you have asked? What questions shouldn’t you have asked? How could you improve your conversation with the next prospect?

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