Top Tips for Managing an Event | MLeads

Planning an event can be difficult, expensive, and often times, unsuccessful. In our other article “Best Practices for Event Managers”, we discussed some available resources like Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator that can help in the planning process. However, MLeads is designed specifically for event management, and will undoubtedly be your most important tool in planning and managing your next event! Here area few tips for managing an unforgettable event:

1. Event Registration

Have an efficient way of registering guests. Recording guests is pivotal in following up with potential clients and connections to make new business partners, or to even say thank you for attending! MLeads allows you to create a custom event, enter a time to begin and end registration, details about the event, and more. It then allows event managers to publish the registration form online so that guests can register before the event even begins.

2. Event Payment Processing

             Events typically come with a cost, and many events have fundraisers. With MLeads, Enjoy fast and secure event payment processed online and delivered directly to your PayPal account.

3. Event Marketing

            You can’t expect anyone to come to your event if you haven’t marketed it properly. With MLeads, personalize your marketing. Send email invitations, surveys, reminders and other attendee communications.

As you can see, MLeads is the ultimate asset in event management. Check us out today!

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