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What is a potential client and how to manage it?

Imagine that you are in your sales room where all the products you sell are exposed.

A large number of people observe, decide and analyze the product they would like to acquire.

In this small period doubts arise, questions and that is why you approach some people to guide them in their choice, but there is also a large mailbox where they leave their concerns so that you can answer, later, to each question.

Would you leave without answering any of those questions that you have left interested?

Definitely not.

If you still do not know what a potential client is, surely you will be realizing that it is all those to whom you have answered queries and who have left your data.

It would be unthinkable that having the possibility of contacting all those potential clients, you would not do it.

So what happens to a client that comes from an online channel?

We know that today a real exhibition hall becomes a virtual gallery where products and their characteristics are at hand, with variables and comparisons so that you can opt safely.

The visits of potential buyers multiply by thousands and, therefore, your chances of converting contacts into sales increase .


Those are the leads!

Those data that you get with the visits you receive on your website and social networks are leads.

But if you do not know how to manage correctly, they remain just that: a group of data that does not become relevant for your commercial growth.

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