Explore The Benefits of Mobile Event Management Apps | MLeads
Mobile event apps have modified organizations’ perspective towards event management. By facilitating seamless interactions with the audience, these applications have created organizing conferences and conferences simple.

Understanding the importance of events for your business, I actually have come back up with a list of 10 mobile event applications which might help you better manage conferences/meetings/events.

1) MLeads

MLeads is event management platform has something to help you at each stage of your event from marketing your events and hosting online registration, to easing the check-in process, engaging your attendee’s on-site, and ultimately providing you with post-event analytics to measure your inevitable success.

Key Feature

  • Set up & Modify Registrations
  • Manage Tickets and Services
  • Use MLeads As an Event App For Event organizer and Attendees
  • No Need to carry physical Copy of Tickets
  • Manage Promo Code, Be-Social feature, Customize badge Categories, Import prospective attendees
  • Managing Walk-in registration, Print Badges, view & export registered attendees and review collection.
  • 8 different tools to capture leads information

Price: MLeads offer 15 Day Free Trial (No Setup Fee, No credit card information required, All Platform features Accessible), then 7.99 per month or send free ticket for free event, for paid event $1.00 plus 3% Ticketing /attendee*

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 2) EventBoard

Eventboard could be an easy mobile conference tool that allows you to organize and communicate with event attendees effortlessly. Using this app you’ll be able to read a newsfeed, build agendas, take surveys and upload floor plans.

Key Features:

  • Create a mobile guide for your event in less than 24 hours
  • Electronic session ratings offer instant feedback

Pricing: Eventboard offers a FREE trial for your 1st event. You’ll be able to then select from 2 packages- Community (starting $99) and Conference (starting $599).

3) BusyConf

BusyConf offers a range of conference coming up with tools that assist you set up better conferences. Speaker and abstract management streamlined event registrations associated mobile conference schedules assist you to provide your attendees an increased conferencing expertise.

Key Features:

  • Easily produce lovely mobile-ready websites for your next conference
  • Manage a review committee or collect abstracts or papers using BusyConf
  • Host an efficient ticketing page for your attendees

Pricing: BusyConf offers the versatile rating for every event. Details accessible here.

4) Whova

Whova may be a nice a platform for event organizers that aims to revolutionize event engagement and networking.

Key Features:

  • Attendees will set up their expertise with a spotlight on meeting contacts
  • Attendees will maximize their opportunities to participate within the right sessions and panels.
  • An integral system provides an outline of key attendees’ social profiles
  • Guests will plan to meet and start networking before the event has even started.

Pricing: offered for the asking

5) Grupio

Grupio permits your attendees to access the whole event info and necessary news through the app. It also helps you with branding, advertisements, planning a meet, social messaging, and making surveys and analytics. it’s a complete social media app that keeps your audiences engaged to your business.

Key Features:

  • Getting started is simple with the Grupio CMS. simply transfer the content from a program and publish
  • Promote your brand via a custom mobile event app icon, prime navigation bar, splash entry image, menu background, and app background.
  • Easily produce quizzes, contests, and inquiries to have interaction the attendees

Pricing: offered for the asking

 6) TapCrowd

Tapcrowd app offers an end-to-end answer to boost the conferencing experience for prime stake events. It allows you to move along with your delegates, use analytics and reportage to boost the event expertise and make, manage and launch apps.

Key Features:

  • Live content updates create instant changes in real time accessible on the app
  • On-site started and support from technical engineers
  • Get statistics and insights on app usage to check that feature performed the most effective

Pricing: offered for the asking

7) QuickMobile

Quickmobile provides you the analytical information for all of your events as well as conferences, conferences, and different events. It helps you maximize your ROI providing advantages like project management, content management, core training, and analytics reporting.

Key Features:

  • Make sure the most recent news, events and interactions stay high with a dynamic activity feed
  • Enable attender networking and content sharing together with chat, photos, notes, and 1-on-1 conferences
  • Add recreation expertise to your app to drive attender behavior and reward participation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and save on printing prices

Pricing: offered for the asking

These were our high picks for mobile event applications? Have you ever used any of those apps recently? Please share your reviews within the comments section below.

8) 10Times Events App

This app allows you to clergyman events supported your business and also allows you to find popular events happening close to you. Merely register your event on the app and send invitations to unlimited attendees.

Key Features:

  • Managed visitor List allows you to see who all are attending the event
  • The Connect feature allows you to network with attendees
  • Easily share events along with your business associates and purchasers

Pricing: Free

9) myQaa

MyQaa aims at providing a novel experience to the attendees whereas giving event organizers a good on-line event management platform. It helps you mobilize company events like conferences, trade shows, and association conferences. You’ll be able to raise queries, produce agendas, analytics, organize surveys and do plenty a lot of.

Key Features:

  • Display live content like choose comments, tweets and queries on the event wall
  • Download queries, survey results and different analytics in kind of infographics
  • Help your attendees explore places in and around the event venue with the distinctive map feature
  • Organize speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and event partners in clean lists

Pricing: myQaa comes in 3 packages beginning 1900 EURO, 5000 EURO and 7500 EURO respectively.

10) Webmobi

Webmobi could be an easy customer engagement program that facilitates real-time push electronic messaging across multiple platforms, permits location promoting, provides event reports and analytics and helps you discover similar events. You’ll deploy this enterprise friendly app at any public, personal or hybrid cloud.

Key Features:

  • After initial transfer, the app is accessed offline
  • Generate revenue by providing sponsors detailed profiles and in-app advertising area
  • Create and deploy distinctive mobile apps for as several events as you would like

Pricing: Webmobi offers 3 packages- basic, pro and enterprise starter. You pay $750 for one event within the basic package. the costs for other 2 packages are accessible on request.

Mobile app technology can help you stay organized and minimize the stress involved when planning an event. This list of event industry apps are only a handful of the amazing resources out there, so take advantage of some of the these tools at your next conference!