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A well managed event drives revenue by creating awareness, acquiring sponsors, and bringing people together so, it can be a plethora of fun for everyone involved. While organizing event do you look for making your event a memorable experience and not a big fat disaster?? Gear up yourself for an integrated solution provider managing events and managing leads generated from events. We have tried to enrich experience for event, trade show organizers, sales and marketing professionals by introducing MLeads– integrated platform for event management and lead management automation.

With MLeads  you can import list of event attendees and send them customized information through email, messages for your event. It allows you to print materials in-house i.e. you can design your event invitation, website, online registration form, agenda materials, which creates a comprehensive, professional look. You can choose the services as per your requirement and you can handle pre and post session management. As being an organizer information analysis plays a vital role, for instance if even as your staff changes your plans don’t have to, with MLeads you can have track of records of your past data through exporting files related to past events.

MLeads  allows you to synchronization of information in offline mode which allows users to have access 24*7. If you are going to attend any trade show or corporate event you also look for increasing your group of network with the people having the same functional area, with Be-Social feature you can interact with other attendees of event and you an exchange your views and can have updated information. You should be always ready for last minute updation, as being an organize you can also manage your on the spot walk-in registrations. You can have access of information like registered attendees and revenue from event at the end of the event.