The uses of the MLeads App are countless! However, here are a few ways our customers are using this great tool.

1.  Capturing Leads in Innovative Way

There are several ways in which you can capture information with the app including speaking, scanning business cards, scanning QR codes, “bumping” a new lead, typing, writing and adding a quick note for your lead.

2.  Email message templates

Users can create email message template that represents the products or services for the business. The message entered here will be used to build the follow-up email message automatically.

3.  One-click access to research/statistics/surveys

The fastest way to learn about your prospects is to use the MLeads Research option. Customers click the name of the lead and are able to look up Google results, LinkedIn profiles, and other information about the prospect.

4.    Import and Export Data

Users can import contacts from an outside source with only a few clicks! This allows the customer to use MLeads as their own phonebook. Once imported, you can share and send contact names.

5.    Follow-up on crucial leads

Once your research is done, easily use the email message templates to reach out to multiple leads with personal/customized greetings. This is great for saying “thanks for coming” or “let’s meet up for coffee”.

6.    Measure Productivity/ Pipeline reports

Getting statistics allows users to see what kind of leads you have obtained, and what team member’s performances look like. The reports generated are easy to read, and help to better understand progress made at an event or conference

7.    Text Messaging

Often times, we want to be a little more personal with our communication than just an email. With the text messaging option, customers are speaking directly and promptly to their leads.

8.    Schedule tasks and meetings

            MLeads also acts as a calendar. With the email templates, you have access to one-click scheduling. MLeads sends out invites to attendees of the meeting.

9.    Event management

            Perhaps one of the best tools of MLeads is its event management tool. Customers are using MLeads to send out invitations to events, register attendees, send surveys, market the event, create agendas, and more.

10.  Organizing business

Customers are saying that one of the most important reasons they are using MLeads is because they are getting organized. The key to a successful business is organization and efficiency. MLeads gives you all of that and more.
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