The Most Comprehensive Event Management Solution | MLeads

Events are very complex to manage as an organizer, attendees do not have the event information at their fingertips and turning leads into sales generated through events, through sales and marketing team is quite complicated. In an effort to minimize overhead and make more data-driven decisions we have designed integrated event management and lead management application which aims at making event planning and handling leads faster and easier.

Perhaps you may get fed up if you have to switch to different tools like word press for building website, site for managing tickets, mailing software for sending emails, handling huge contact data and event agenda, device for badge and business card scanning and other event apps, other tools for measuring ROI. With MLeads we have tried to implement quality of features at the one spot for event organizers and trade show organizers to streamline the experience of event management.

 As being sales and marketing professional you are always popped up with lead targets, sales person is in charge of closing deals, they’re going to come at the event with that goal. Sales people of SMEs would like to spend your limited time on the highest quality, most sales-ready leads. You can help your sales team by training them in filling data in according prioritized status and in a categorized manner which is aimed at lead filtering and focusing on high quality leads. Your sales team can schedule meeting, follow up to have updated information for leads. Instead of focusing on common approach of lead retrieval like direct calling they can go for – Scanning Badges business card during events or trade shows, scan QR code, speak lead, bump lead , quick record, quick note. You have to emphasize on how to use event data in coordination with your marketing automation activities to optimize that data in an effective way.