MLeads platform utilisation by an NGO for organizing its personal event

You always want to make your every bash successful whether it is any corporate event or personal get together. You may not turn toward organizer every time for handling your events so as being a SME when sometimes you are organizing you events by your hand. You may not get in to the hotchpotch of preparing invitation card separately, to manage budget, handling useful data for particular bash. We have tried to enrich their experience of managing events pleasantly by integrating features which are aimed for SMEs.

Recently an NGO which educates children and teaches different languages and socializes children with lined up fun filled activities. We suggested their chairman to utilize the platform once as they were handling the event without any organizers. The organization started with creating their own event agenda, importing list of attendees from their previous data and sending customized email invites to their prospective attendees sending follow-ups to have updated information about prospective attendees with the lead management capability of the platform.

Members started increasing network with other member by joining close group B-Social integrated within the app and started sharing their memories in terms of photos, videos of fun activities which leaded to increased socialization among children with other children and also among their parents. They had scanned the badges of attendees with the integrated Badge scanning functionality of the platform and the leads management through lead management capability of the platform.

We are heading toward enriching features which can make the process easy for naïve users who are not professional organizers