Communication is key for all teams, especially sales teams. Your team should be able to work through projects together, and understand each other in all aspects of work life. Here are some tips on bringing your team together, and creating better communication:

  1. Review important projects. Make sure that everyone is on the same page with details about projects. This can be done with a conference call or an in-person meeting. Small details are often where miscommunication happens.
  2. Take advantage of mobile devices. Send emails and texts instead of waiting for the team director to be available in person.
  3. Be vocal. Voice your concerns, questions, and comments during your time together as a team. You cannot expect your team to be understanding if you are not giving them enough insight on these matters.
  4. Be assertive. While it is important to voice your concerns, do it in an appropriate way. Be assertive, but not demanding.
  5. Use visuals. Create a PowerPoint or another type of visual aid when presenting ideas to your team members. This helps in getting everyone to understand a concept that may not be fully developed yet.
  6. Have one conversation at a time. In sales team, everyones goal is to make the sale. However, it is important to stay on topic when collaborating.Whether you are having a conversation in person or on the phone, give the other person focused time. You’ll make them feel important and worthy.