MLeads Review: The Ultimate B2B Lead Manager for Businesses | MLeads

Networking and finding new leads are critical for any business owner. Unfortunately, for every one lead that converts into a customer 10, 20, or maybe even 100 do not.
Because of that, your list of leads will often be too large to manage or remember on your own. Thankfully, there are many lead management services out there including one of the best lead management CRM systems—MLeads.
What Is MLeads
It’s not uncommon for many lead management services to be pretty basic. However, MLeads is not one of them. They not only offer a powerful and convenient way to record and organize leads, but they also offer follow-up tools such as drip emailing.
In other words, they have a B2B leads management system coupled with a marketing automation feature. This feature includes a sales management automation system that can track sales and create sales reports.
Plus, it comes with multiple helpful features such as its Outlook integration, lead statistics, team management tools, and more.

How It Works
The lead management process contains four steps:

⦁ Create a Lead Group or Event—This allows you to create and categorize leads via groups or events.
⦁ Capture Leads—There are over eight different ways to capture or record leads such as by scanning a business card, using the talk-to-text feature, or simply by typing/texting the lead directly into the app.
⦁ Conduct Lead Research—Then, there is an option to conduct research by choosing to have the app research the lead on six different platforms including Linked-In, Twitter, or Google Search.
⦁ Issue Follow-Ups—Lastly, you can choose to follow-up on a lead by using predefined email templates and setting a drip email schedule. You can also set up meetings, calls, and more.
Is It Worth It
MLeads comes in multiple different subscription packages including a free one. The most expensive package is $10 a month which is about half the price of other top web-based CRM software out there.
It has an intuitive interface with simple commands that complete complex tasks. Because of that, it is very effective and can be used by the professional and novice alike.
It also has a well-organized and helpful lead-tracking system that makes it easy to input new leads, categorize them, and keep track of each one’s potential for conversion.

Lastly, MLeads comes with an impressive number of features including Outlook integration and team management tools. Considering its price point and number of features, it is worth trying out.
Final Thoughts
All in all, MLeads is one of the best lead retrieval apps and one of the best lead management apps on the market. Even its top subscription cost is, on average, half that of other lead management software out there.
The app is very user-friendly and makes it a quick and convenient option to record leads on the go. In the end, MLeads is affordable, comprehensive, and user-friendly.