Lead Management with MLeads: The Ultimate Guide | MLeads

Do you feel that you are getting buried under a flood of tasks associated with managing event and leads? Cloud based software has become a critical component for the  event management industry and for sales and marketing professionals  for  accessing reliable and secure information quickly, at any time and from anywhere.

With MLeads you can import your leads through various sources like Gmail, Yahoo, and salesforce, etc. You can create customized email templates. Some of us prefer email because you can reference it at a later date. If this is the case for you MLeads provides you to follow up your calls with a brief email to summarize your discussion and same with call and SMS. With MLeads you can separately create a lead group based on distinguished leads and you can track your leads accordingly.

Every day, companies invest massive amounts of time, money, and effort trying to generate new sales leads. Whether it’s through inbound lead generation techniques or traditional outbound lead generation. Apart from communication with your leads through email, messaging, socialization feature Moxtra. You can also do quick research for your lead through search engine, social media which provides an authentication. You do not require separate badge scanning device, you can scan badges and business card to retrieve embedded information about your lead in that. With MLeads a sales person can follow up lead by scheduling meetings, tasks and as being a team leader you can also assign lead to your team member and you also manage leads handled by them. You can qualify your lead by talking to prospective customers and asking them questions to draw out more information about their needs and recording it in the form of textual and audio notes. This helps salespeople evaluate whether the prospect is a good fit for what they sell.

 You can Track costs through expense tracking and demonstrate the return on your event investment through various sales and ROI based reports. We have tried to provide access to customer data which helps salesperson, event management professional to approach clients in a better informed way thus enabling enduring relationship.