LinkedIn has became very popular in the business world since it’s launch in 2003. The website allows business men and women to network and connect. Users can create profiles, search for jobs, read about he latest trends, send personal messages, and so much more. But what makes LinkedIn so great for business? Use this awesome site to grow your business today.

  • Let’s users create contacts or “connections. Keep in touch with clients, friends, and prospects.
  • The Job Search option can help you find employees for your business, or potential partners to join you in your company.
  • Users can post photos to their profiles to attract connections. Imagery is extremely important in marketing as seeing something cements ideas in the brain.
  • Follow different companies. You can use your own profile to follow other companies and receive updates and news about that company, or encourage your clients and customers to follow you to create a broader market of people.
  • Stay connected. LinkedIn allows you to post on connections profiles. Keep a dialogue going.
  • Congratulate potential customers on a new job or say “thanks for visiting my page!” The more personal you are with this program the better.

However you choose to use LinkedIn, remember that your profile is a reflection of your company. Use this website as a tool and remember that the tips above will help to grow your business not just in the social media world, but also in the real world!