Using Social Media to Obtain Clients | MLeads

Social media has become one of the most widely used methods of obtaining new clients. Popular applications like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are use everyday for not only personal activity, but to acquire new business. Another advantage of using social media is the ability to expand to a broader variety of clientele.

When reaching out through social media, it is important to offer promotions. Create opportunities for for social media users to interact with your business. For example, offer rewards for user who retweet certain tweets, or share certain Facebook posts. Not only does this get the name of your business out there, but it offers incentive, and who doesn’t love some incentive!

Remember: your business is not the only business out there trying to grow and obtain new clients! Show that you are willing to share posts and retweets for other businesses. If you are willing to help, you’ll find others are willing to help you.

Once you have started getting your name into the social media world, start reaching out personally. If you have a potential client, or lead, reach out using direct messages. Many social media platforms offer this feature. These messages are private, and more personal. Start conversing!

Next, begin advertising. Start using your social media accounts on paper. For example, add your social media accounts to your email signature, or to business cards. Use your new accounts on signage and visuals. Giving a PowerPoint presentation? Add your twitter handle or Facebook link to one of the slides. You’ll be surprised to see how many existing clients check you out, and how many prospects will look you up!

Remember, social media is used by many businesses these days. Many prospective clients check out social media platforms before committing to a company, so make sure to have a creative, interactive, and eye-catching account!