How Non-Profit Organizations Can Use MLeads | MLeads

Yesterday we discussed how real estate agents could use MLeads to help their business. Today, we will discuss how non-profit organizations can use the app.

One of the main goals of non-profit organizations is fundraising. Without fundraising, non-profits would have no funding for their organizations. These types of organizations receive little government funding, and are responsible for raising the money necessary to be successful. This is primarily done through events. Many non-profits hold annual events such as galas to raise the necessary money. This is a great opportunity to use the MLeads event manager.

Perhaps one of the most useful event management tools for non-profits are the pre and post-event surveys. MLeads allows you to send out pre-event surveys to understand what kind of expectations the attendees have before the event. Are they interested in donating? Are they interested in networking? These surveys help to better understand your guests.

Post-event surveys are just as important in the fundraising process. These events, as mentioned before, are often annual. This means that non-profits hold a similar event every single year. But what if the event needs to be changed? What if guests don’t like any of the food? Or what if your non-profit is just not raising enough funds? The post-event surveys allow you to better understand what attendees would like out of your next event.

Another great feature of MLeads is that you can print personal QR codes and name tags. At fundraising events, there are often specific people looking to donate. Perhaps your pre-event survey has showed you whom to target. Luckily, with MLeads, everyone can have a personal ID badge, making connecting to the potential donator more efficient.

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