How Real Estate Agents Can Use MLeads | MLeads

As you may or may not know, MLeads is a fresh new app on the marketplace that is really making a statement. The app focuses primarily on lead and event management, but has many other features that make this app appealing to a multitude of fields. For example, real estate agents have been taking advantage of this app ever since it hit the app store.

Many real estate agencies have a team of agents they send into the field. But how can these agencies monitor the work of their employees? MLeads has a solution. With this app, you can receive reports based on your co-worker or employee’s performances. For instance, you can measure sales and marketing efforts. These reports include pipeline reports, scheduled meetings, number of sponsors, and more.  You can select reports from a specific event, for specific employees or team members.

Event management is crucial for real estate agents. Events such as open houses can make or break a sale. Let MLeads help to organize your open houses. With the app, you can send out invitations to potential customers, or leads. You can send customized invites, and attendees can respond and register via MLeads. While at the event, use the easy capture options to collect information on potential clients.

Open houses and other events are essential in closing the deal, but without follow-up emails, it is very easy to lose a potential customer. As a real estate agent, it is your responsibility to make sure the prospect feels as though they are personally being taken care of. MLeads follow-up email option is great for this! You can choose to send follow-up emails, with pre-made email templates (customizable) to one, or all of your leads.

Never Lose a Lead Again… The MLeads Way!