Keep your prospects engaged with post-event marketing activities

Your event is over, but does your job get stop over here? As an organizer your efforts are not just limited to organizing the event, or creating post-event buzz, but well planned follow-up activities executed in a timely manner can bring more impact to your events. You should find out  whether the event has served the desired value  proposition for you, exhibitors, attendees, sponsors or not? Some must – do top post event activities are listed below:

You should have follow-up email templates written in advance and to be sent just after the completion of the event, while the event experience is fresh in the attendees’ minds. Recap the event highlights and thank the recipient for attending. These email follow-ups can nurture the relationship between you and event attendees. You can also use post event surveys to know whether your attendees are satisfied with the event or not which would act as an informative data for planning your next event.

After a week you can also send follow-up email with a different content like an invite to like your social networking pages, subscription link to the newsletter

  • Post-event web promotion

Record conversations which are targeted towards answering important questions during sessions, presentations and put it on your website to increase post event buzz and online conversation. For  those who missed the event, make summaries of the presentations which would be available on your site.

Follow-up process should be immediately after the event. This duration can build engagement between you and your attendees and it will prepare the platform to spread words for your next event.

  • Post-event blog posts

Keep your audience updated with the newest releases on your website that will develop engagement between you and your target audience on a continuous basis. You can embed photos, videos, presentation, Post-event interviews. This practice will emerge you as a thought leader and that will give scope for an interactive conversation by viewers on your blogging page even after completion of the event. Use your blog as a tool of engagement with your attendees, as they will get engaged more they are more likely to attend your next events.

After completion of the event utilize social media to engage your event attendees. Create a hashtag for your event before few months of the event and share every bit of updates using that hashtag. Don’t forget to thank your attendees through social media and also write thank you tweets, mentioning everyone that helped to make this event possible, including speaker and sponsors. While posting event photos, videos use hashtags and captions to increase more visibility. While disseminating images on social media tag more an more peoples to increase the reach of your post. Apart from QR Code on Badges you can also include twitter handle so, that attendees can follow you on twitter even after the completion of the event.