Strategies for Post-Event Follow-Ups | MLeads

So you’ve just had an awesome event! You’ve met new people, especially new prospects. Attendees were impressed with your product, and want to learn more, possibly even do business with you! But what’s next? E-mailing every single person is a hassle, and those generic emails are typically sent right to the junk e-mail folder when received. There is no better app to use for post-event follow-ups than MLeads.

With MLeads, you have already imported all of the leads, or prospects, you have met at your event. Next, organize your leads. Within the app, the user is able to create categories. For example, some prospects may be “potential buyers”, and some prospects may be “close to closing”. MLeads allows you to separate people based on who they are and what their status is.

After you’ve gotten to organize the leads you have just met, be sure to send follow-up e-mails. With MLeads, with only a few clicks, you are able to send mass e-mails with personalized/customized greetings or closings. It is crucial that your lead does not feel like just another generic person in your book of follow-ups.  The app even lets you create templates to fit specific events.

MLeads E-mail TemplateFinally, don’t be afraid to send follow-up surveys. Get opinions on what your guests thought about the event and/or product. With MLeads, you can create your own survey to send to contacts and/or leads.  Surveys are so important to marketing because it lets managers and team members know what needs to be worked on, or what should be kept for the next event or product.

         Best of luck from MLeads on your next event!

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