Say Goodbye to Bulky Lead Scanning Devices: Mobile Badge

Gone are the days when you needed to rent bulky lead scanning devices. Some of you may have met with a tiresome experience of getting in to the queue for getting the badges scanned with just one scanner your booth staff can connect with attendee, engage in conversation and scan the Badges and business cars within your mobile event app itself.

While designing MLeads – comprehensive platform for lead management an event management we emphasized upon leveraging on these issues to make your event experience more enjoyable and to make information retrieval easy and streamlined. For instance, after few days your event organizer sent you an Excel file with the attendees’ badge information. You took that Excel file and imported the leads into your CRM system. Then you sent out your follow-up emails saying, “Thanks for visiting our booth and I hope you had a great event experience” By that time, of course, the attendees have likely forgotten who you are and what you do. And you’ve likely lost all the business card notes. Which sounds time confusing and a bit outdated. With a badge scanning app running on your smartphone, you can scan badges at anytime, anywhere

With MLeads once the badge is scanned, the app automatically extracts all of the information and presents it to you on the mobile device screen. That means you can take notes, shoot follow-up emails to those lead by the end of the event, assign leads to your sales team for the lead conversion process.

Stay connected with your future prospects instantly instead of going through the most awaited and tedious process.

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