The Future of Badge Scanning at Event | MLeads

Badge Scanning

 One good way of raising the return on investment of your attendees and exhibitors is to offer them a good way to easily exchange contact information and do lead retrieval.Trade shows and conferences are frantic: people meet hundreds of people, keeping track of who they met during the day is a painful task. Nobody wants to waste time typing contact information in a Contacts app or in a CRM.At MLeads App, we offer a simple and elegant solution only compatible with iOS and Android.At most larger trade shows, the name badges will include a custom barcode or QR Code. This barcode contains identifying information when it is scanned.Some shows embed the complete contact profile. Others only embed a badge number.How does it work for attendees?Using their mobile phone, they can scan the QR code on the name badge of anyone they would like to save contact information. The phone will then automatically add the contact information in the Selected Event.
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