Many people don’t know what lead refers to. A lead is a potential customer or business partner you may meet during business conferences, showcases, meetings, and other events. Why are leads important? The lead is the first step in creating more business for your company. Leads can help you connect to a more diverse group of people, or help to network your product or service. Even if leads aren’t necessarily customers, leads can help in your process to expand business.

Next, it is important to know how you can find, meet, greet, and keep leads, or as MLeads likes to say, “connect, capture, and close”! First, while at your event, make sure to introduce yourself to as many guests as possible. Making your name known and recognizable is the first step in capturing a lead. Once you’ve introduced yourself, be sure to get the correspondence information in return. There is nothing worse than meeting a great lead, and then forgetting how to contact them. While you’re searching for potential leads, be sure to be personal. It is most likely that your prospect will be meeting a lot of other potential business partners during their stay. Make sure that they remember something unique and specific about you or your company.

Once you’ve gathered your information, it is now time to input it into somewhere. One of the key essentials to business is organization. MLeads allows you to import information about your leads into an easy-to-use app. You can choose to manually write in information, record your voice, scan business cards, and more! This makes the lead process efficient and organized.

Almost done! Now that you’ve put your information into some type of centralized system like MLeads, it is time to follow up, or close! MLeads allows the user to create personalized, one-click, follow-up e-mail templates to their new prospects. This way, your new prospect is reminded of the great business they were just introduced to!

Remember, every lead is different. Different prospects are looking for different things. Be aggressive, yet know which prospect to target or spend more time on than others. Best of luck! 

“Connect, Capture, Close”