Research about your lead prospects with MLeads | MLeads
  • Once you are able to collate leads, your real work begins. Connecting with a lead is a highly strategic activity. After all, your first impression may well be the last impression in many cases. In case you do not approach your lead in the right way, you are taking a huge risk and may just lose your prospective customer this way!

This is where the MLeads platform from Mobile Leads LLC can be a big help. Once you have scanned the lead, it is time to know more about it. You can just type the company name and do a Google search. You will get all the data you require about the company. Now you know exactly what products and services you must pitch for. A major pain area is that sales people pitch for the products their company makes but which the customer does not want. This is a complete waste for both the sales person as well as the prospect. Now eliminate this by doing a little homework on your MLeads platform.

As you know, MLeads allows you to capture lead data from badges, your visiting cards, bump leads,type leads, speaker leads or even scan QR codes. Now you may not be able to locate the address so easily and you can always ask any sales person what a pain point that is. This is when you can enter the office details into Google and get the exact location that you have to visit.

Once you are able to register your leads, you can do a Google search on them. Next, you only need to enter the first name and last name of your lead in order to track them on the social media. You can check out sites such as Twitter and Facebook in order to know more about your lead. You can know about the person’s life, tastes, likes and dislikes and even about his personal and professional background. All this is going to be really helpful in establishing contact and connecting well with your prospective customer.

Once you know your lead, your business team would also be able to decide on the kind of follow-up action to be taken. This can be through a phone call, e-mail, or it may be a personal visit or even through Skype. You can click on the mode you wish to follow on MLeads. You may even set the date and time of these follow-up actions. Once you know your lead in a better way, it would be possible to know whether you need to follow up through bulk e-mails or through customized ones.

Even if you are not able to attend an event, you can use the bSocial feature to interact with the other attendees of the event and know your leads better. Basically MLeads is designed to make your connect with leads more effective so that you are able to convert them into prospects in a faster and more efficient way. This way you are making the job of your sales and marketing teams much easier. They would be having the data of their leads available with them at all times. They would know which events to attend where they would be able to make the maximum impact on their leads. Each follow-up action will be noted along with important notes on them for all to see. The expense tracking system allows your team to know which leads are to be followed up and which are useless based on the ROI. No wonder that MLeads will bean important part of any lead management process.