Finding the Best in Show: Phorum Philly 2016 Demo Pit

MLeads’s Founder and CEO Manish Gorawala successfully participated at the Phorum Philly 2016 demo pit in Philadelphia, Mr. Manish presented the big picture and give his thoughts about why MLeads is the most powerful business sales, marketing, and events management automation platform for Sales-Marketing professionals and event organizers.

To all our visitors, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for visiting our demo table. Here we are pleased to share with you some of the pictures and video from the conference.

PhorumPhilly  DEMO PIT, With the innovative technologies in our Demo Pit and Phorum Showcase, presentations, and panels featuring some of nation’s leading thought leaders, Phorum is an event for business leaders that want to gain a competitive edge and  finalists will be able to demonstrate their technology and compete for the Phorum Phorward award for best in show.

The Phorum Demo Pit was created to allow startups to connect with C-level enterprise decision makers attending the Phorum conference. Participating companies will demo their product and/or solution to over 400 Phorum attendees.

About MLeads:  (          

MLeads Software-as-a-Service that allows to manage leads and events management in a single platform!

Turning leads into sales is complicated, leads are difficult to capture and organize, follow-ups are difficult and sales cycles are long, events are difficult to manage and so on.

MLeads solves all the problems mentioned above as an innovative SaaS mobile platform offering a simple one-stop solution for event organizers, exhibitors, business owners, sales and marketing professionals. MLeads guarantees organizing events and leads management, helping any size business large or small, grow and bring productivity and efficiency to the table.

MLeads for sales and marketing professionals:

MLeads automates the hunt for customers; spend less time doing paper work and more time prospecting for sales and marketing professionals. MLeads is guaranteed to increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, and streamline processes by offering powerful features like

  • Lead Capture (8 unique and innovative ways to capture prospects details)
  • Lead Research (LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Map etc.)
  • Lead Follow-ups (Email, Call, To-Do, Outlook Meeting and many more features…)
  • Import/export data from any source to any destination (Salesforce, Excel, Gmail, Yahoo, phone etc.)
  • ROI – Statistical reports and team management
  • Go Green – Personalized QRCode business card and video profiles for virtual sales presentations

MLeads for event organizers:

MLeads allows you to manage all aspects of organizing events such as tradeshows, conferences, seminars etc. Offer MLeads as an event app to enhance the interactive experience for your attendees and exhibitors. You can automate the process of organizing events with DIY (Do-it-yourself) platform offering innovative features like:

Setup Online registration

  • Customized email invites
  • Import and export attendees information
  • Assess your event attendees responses with built in event surveys
  • Design and print QR Code Badges
  • Upload event agenda and sponsor details
  • Offer MLeads as an Event App to attendees

Optimize MLeads platform to make your sales and marketing team more productive and efficient. Make your events smarter with MLeads way and measure attendees satisfaction and ROI for your event. MLeads will automate the process of lead management and event management and it will lead you to grow your business.

For Media Inquiries:

Manish Gorawala, Founder and CEO, 650 North Cannon Ave. Lansdale, PA 19446 (267)263-3481