Applications have become one of the most widely used technological tools in the business world. Not only are they used for fun, with an endless variety of games to choose from, but they can also be used for business, in particular networking. As we all know, networking is crucial in growing your business. It allows you to expand your clientele, and gives you access to resources and more opportunities.

But what apps are best for networking? Many people argue that MLeads is most efficient when it comes to networking. It’s simple layout allows you to collect information  with only minimal clicks. Once you’ve collected information, it is easy to send follow ups and schedule meetings and events. The networking process is organized and centralized in one app.

No matter which app you choose, try your best to stay organized. Keep potential clients in one area, potential partners in another. Networking is all about making connections, and without organization, it is easy to lose track of those connections.

“Anyone can use these sites – companies and colleges, teachers and students, young and old all make use of networking sites to connect with people electronically to share pictures, information, course work, and common interests.” -Mike Fitzpatrick

Make sure that your apps, profiles, and social networking apps are a good reflection of your business. It’s ok to brag a little! Share photos, videos, updates, and stay as interactive as possible.

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