Once Your Free Trial Is Over....... | MLeads

Good morning everyone! It is Wednesday, and it is just two days before the weekend hits. Does everyone have something planned already? Anyone going on vacations? If so, we do hope that all of you have a wonderful time. Now, to get down to business, we hope that those who have downloaded the Mleads app is enjoying every bit of it. As was mentioned before, the MLeads app consists of a 30 day free trial. Now, when those 30 days are up, you will have to switch and buy the app if you want it officially for long term use purposes. With the 30 days free trial, you are experiencing everything that the “purchased” app has to offer. But, the reason why we are giving the free trial is to push our customers in the direction to buy the app. Not just for sale purposes, but so that you can continue to handle out your business using our app.

MLeads is a very beneficial app which I am sure most of you have realized, and a lot of you have benefited from it. Taking that into mind, once your free trial is up, we admonish that you consider buying the app so that you can have it forever. We want to make our customers happy. So, to keep that smile on your face, do what you believe is best and affordable for you. But, just like MLeads has already been a grand experience while free, we believe that it will continue to be a grand experience even purchased.