Hey you all marketing professionals I hope you all are well acquainted with our one-stop solution for leads and event management: MLeads.  Well, the one who is still behind must check this article to carry your business to the heights of success and the one already using MLeads can go through its updated plans explained in this article.

MLeads, basically a cloud technology (SaaS) used in your mobile, where you can access your leads management and event management automatically at any time at any place. Now there must be a question in your mind, HOW?

So here’s some quick resolution to your question:

  • Helps you in capturing leads quickly by scanning business cards, badge, QR codes etc.
  • You can research the capabilities of the link in just a click from different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google, and Website.
  • You can even export your leads to and import your leads from different source systems like Excel, Salesforce, phone contacts, Aweber etc.
  • You can even send bulk personalized email follow-ups in seconds.
  • You can also manage your events by setting up the online event, manage event registration, sending the invitation to your attendees etc.
  • You can also use it as real-time event streaming app and even for organizing an event.
  • The most important thing you need not carry and maintain that traditional log-book kind a business anymore. You can make it happen just in one touch on your mobile and stay connected with your team.

Not only this, recently MLeads has brought you some amazing plans through which it will be more easy to connect, contact and convert your prospect leads. Holding the hands of the new FREE-FOREVER PLAN it will be more interesting and helpful to boost up your business as you can use to access the unlimited feature of MLeads.

The Free-Forever Plan includes the following features:

  • You can access up to 300 leads.
  • You can access all the platform features.
  • You can get free scans for 25 business cards and 50 badges.
  • It also includes all features of Leads research, Leads follow up, Track Sales, sales Opportunity.
  • You are getting 3000 bulk email messaging per month which counts up to 1000 messages per day.
  • The benefits of Import and Export Leads.
  • Facilities for Event Management and Team Management.
  • And also Measure Reports.

Don’t miss the chance, even if you are not a user of MLeads yet you can grab this opportunity just today by taking the benefits of our Free Forever Plan. Just download this app now on Apple or Google app stores by searching “MLeads”, and you can also get a simpler solution to the complex problems faced by the sales and marketing professionals. Don’t worry, you are in safer hands, as we are very confident about our user’s information and we neither share nor sell your information to anyone. Be safe, get into the World of MLeads.

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