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Working days from 9 to 5 are long gone. Sellers are now on the move more than ever with their smartphones, mobile devices and tablets. And when they are on the move (which is quite common), they expect access to all the tools they need to maintain productivity while working. That is why a CRM solution (Mobile Customer Relationship Management) is required. Below we discuss some of the different ways in which a mobile CRM system can improve the efficiency of representatives and customer service.

Sales on the go

Your sales people may not always be at their desks. Your potential customer and customers are not there either. In sales, availability can be the difference between a new customers and lost sales. Without a mobile app, sellers rely on their mobile desktops to keep track of other sales tactics- this selling method is not always reliable and  feasible. Availability must be constant.

With the mobile application, sales people can send price guidelines, product newsletters, emails and marketing material directly from their mobile devices. Contact potential customers and their customers without having to sit at the desk, saving them valuable time for other urgent sales problems.

Fast data access

Think of all the paper document that you receive at the office. Offers. Order forms, contracts, etc. what do you think? Thanks to the mobile CRM application, these documents can be processed electronically from a mobile device or tablet. You no longer have to worry about coming to the office on a day off or the weekend when it is uncomfortable. Load the mobile CRM application instead and start with different sales tasks. This saves you, your company, potential customers or time and can only be a useful alternatives to desktop solutions.

In addition, sales staff can review existing communication, customer and potential customer portfolios during their work. This current data can be used as a requirement for sales meetings or simply as an easy way to track potential customer activity and on-going customer sales.

Quick customer service

Mobile CRM not only influences the sales department, but also customer service. Thanks to greater mobility when dealing with and responding to customer concerns and questions, customer service teams have access to quick and easy escalation options where you can send questions and questions to the right person regardless of store opening times. Don’t worry if you have an urgent problem and it’s a weekend. Thanks to the mobile CRM platform you have access to the tools you need to handle urgent questions and respond when needed. No more customer services and support problems when you have access everywhere.

Best mobile CRM

MLeads mobile application can really come in handy to handle and also perform more sales on the go. You can make calls, send data, do reports, prioritize leads, visualize pipeline, and automate repetitive tasks and more.]

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MLeads mobile CRM track customer interaction and automate certain business functions of the sales cycle that are necessary to follow leads and attract and obtain new customer. It helps organizations better understand their customers. It creates a single truth about each relationship that is accessible from a consistent interface wherever people work.

If you are not using a CRM to manage your leads and business processes. Today is the time to start with MLeads.

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