As we all know, technology has enabled the process of networking to become digital. We can now network through our computers and social media sites, or in person at events, conferences, and other gatherings. However, if you’re not networking strategically, your business may squander.

If you choose to network via social media, you must keep a few things in mind. Primarily, make sure your outreach is broad and diverse enough. This means, make sure you are using as many outlets as possible to reach as many different type of people as possible. Our personal favorites for networking are Facebook and Twitter, as they both offer the two necessities: broadness and diversity.

While social networking is obviously very useful, don’t forget that the “old-fashioned” in-person method is still just as productive, sometimes even more so. Networking in person helps to solidify you and your business in your prospects mind. Speaking, seeing, and interacting with something or someone often times is what makes this type of networking more successful than social media networking, where interaction is minimal.

Yet, do not mistake in-person networking to be easier. With this type of networking, you are responsible for outreach, one prospect at a time. This can lead to chaos and disorganization, a big no-no! This is why MLeads was created. MLeads helps the networking process by organizing and aiding in lead and event management. It’s truly the best way to be sure you are being personal, efficient, and thorough with your potential business partners or clients.

So whether it is social networking or in-person networking, remember that MLeads is a tool for YOU. Take advantage of this app and watch how it changes the networking process for your business.