Sales in the 21st Century | MLeads

          Anyone in the field of business knows that sales are the firs step in obtaining revenue. In the past, sales techniques included the bandwagon strategy, door-to-door soliciting, and then eventually, cold calls. However, the process of making a sale has evolved much further since the beginning of the 21st century.

            Social media is one of the most significant techniques used today. Twitter provides a platform for updates and interaction while Facebook allows users to post photos and status updates about the product or service. Instagram is a photo platform, allowing businesses (and often used for personal reasons) to share photo updates with filters to make simple photos appear more professional. Each of these social media sites informs the consumer about products or services. It is the main tactic used in reaching out to a group of consumers, frequently leading to client interaction, and eventually, the sale.

As mentioned in the last article “The Team Behind the Manager” , a sales team is crucial in making the sale. Today, technology is so vast and complex. It is important to have a team that can understand the different aspects to the technological world in order to make the most sales possible. Again, the most effective team behind a manager is diverse. This diversity enables a team to reach out to different types of people. As we know, no consumer is the same!

Finally, we will discuss the role of applications in the 21st century sales process. Applications are used almost as much as the telephone these days. Apps such as PayPal make selling and buying simple. With only a few clicks, you can have a product bought and ready to use. PayPal has made sales virtually paperless. Other apps, such as MLeads, aid in the creating of sales. For example, MLeads helps the user contact potential leads, and manage important marketing events.

Whatever way you decide to handle selling, make it technology-based. Your most useful tool is the Internet and mobile device. Good luck!

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