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Are you an Event organizer? Does your business require you to manage or host events? Our effort is toward building gap between stress an simplicity for event organizers, event managers

Join Live conference on every Tuesday between 1 p.m to 1.45 p.m EST

Why should you attend??

Does your business require managing or hosting events?

How to measure real results about success of an event?

Insights on best practices of event management using mobile platform MLeads

How to manage last minute walk-in registration?

How to retrieve leads information generated from the event using quick 8 ways of retrieving leads?

How to generate customized follow- up and research on the leads generated from the event?

How can you extend your event leads into real results?

How to conduct feedback survey to know whether event was really successful or not

At the end of conference participate in our QnA session to have your questions addressed in real time

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